At Slow Budapest we are raising awareness of the fast-paced tempo of our everyday lives and promote a slower lifestyle. We believe that slowing down is not a luxury, and it is not about speed, but presence, consciousness and everyday decisions.

Since 2012, Slow Budapest (based in Hungary) has been working on programmes, campaigns and art projects that convey the philosophy of Slow Life, providing practical assets for a slow and sustainable life for thousands of people. We organise slow city walks, SlowHow talks, mindfulness training courses, and inspire everyone to slow down with our online slow course, SlowTime, and posts on our SlowBlog.

Creators of the Slow Year Planner

Nelli Krajcsó

Mindfulness meditation trainer, founder and CEO of Slow Budapest – concept, text

Listen to her slowing down story that she shared in her TEDx Talk in 2012.

Kata Herendi

Psychologist, specialist executive manager of Slow Budapest – concept, text, translation

Eszter Biró

Graphic designer of ZUG Műhely and Slow Budapest – design, illustrations

Linda Krajcsó

Research and development

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