About The Slow Year Planner

We know that it is not easy to slow down. The modern world focuses on acceleration in virtually every area of ​​life, emphasizing that fast is equal to success. We work 12 to 14 hours a day, with our phone ringing all the time, we have lunch at our desk and on the weekends we try to make up for everything we didn’t have time for in the past five days. We are out of our balance, our priorities are clouded, because it is hard to say no and to not lose focus on matters that are important to us.

In 2014, we came up with a unique journal concept to find solutions to the challenges of this accelerated world. Our Slow Year Planner has been created to help people get back to their natural, joyful pace, the intimate moments spent with their family and friends, the energizing activities and the day-to-day fun.

How does the Slow Year Planner help?


In the Slow Year Planner, all of the advice that we have described are influenced by the goodness and science of conscious presence. By reminding ourselves of gratitude, self-care, patience, trust and kindness, we support the development of a slow attitude in your life.


The Slow Year Planner has been created to make sure slowing down does not create just another source of stress in your life, but an opportunity to have playful minutes, smiles and creative ideas in your everyday life. We pass on this professional methodology through cute drawings, with small, but important ideas and self-reflective questions.


At the beginning and the end of the year and each month, we encourage you to stop for a moment and think about what happened in the past and where you are now. The first milestone in deceleration and change is to know where we have come from. In addition, throughout the year, we support you with self-reflective questions about gratitude, self-care, mindfulness and other topics that help you develop.


With every Slow Year Planner comes two sets of slow stickers that help slowing down be more playful. You will find all the important topics: “off-day” and conversation stickers, as well as me-time and even little sloth stickers. In the Slow Year Planner, we are inspiring you with stickers for 10 different slow activities.


For years we have been collecting the world days we consider worthy to celebrate. With the Slow Year Planner, you won’t by any chance forget about Winnie-the-Pooh Day or World Kindness Day. Throughout the year, these slow holidays will remind you to slow down, do some origami or give away a book every once in a while, and laugh and smile as often as you have the chance.


We love colouring pages! We love them even more if they help us slow down and become more self-aware. For every purchased calendar, we send you a collection of printable monthly mandala colouring pages designed for 2020. You can use these beautiful mandalas together with your calendar and keep a monthly record of how you feel in a creative and colourful way. Pro-tip: the mandalas were designed to perfectly fit into the inside back pocket of the calendar, so feel free to cut them and store them there!

Want to take a look inside?

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  • 15 000+ users

    Since the moment it was born, Slow Year Planner has been a success story: the first year it was sold out within 2 weeks, today we produce ten times more copies. We crafted our calendar for those who are open to self-reflection, playfulness and creativity.

  • 500+ planners donated

    We have donated planners to Hungarian non-profit organisations and causes that support young adults and women to improve their self-awareness.

  • 7+ years of experience

    We are a team of psychology and mindfulness professionals with the aim of helping people make the first step in their self-inquiry through our colorful and friendly products.


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